The History of LSPD

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The History of LSPD

Post  Sherlock on Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:53 am

LSPD was originally called SAPD (san andreas police department) However,as san andreas grew along with the population,seperate police departments were made,LSPD being officially established in 1908. The original LSPD chief was A man called Brian Wright. The lspd was small,with only 10 officer including the chief on duty at any one time. Now lspd has a few hundred full time employees.


In 1915, Brian Wright was killed during his routine patrol. He was shot twice to the chest and was taken to all saints general hospital,where he died hours later of internal injuries. The deputy chief, Chris Kennedy,took over from Brian Wright. Him taking over was one of the best things that ever happened to LSPD. Crime rate went down as he introduce new better laws,many of which the lspd still have today.


1945,the end of WWII. Kennedy decided to resign from lspd,from where he moved to vice city for his retirement and worked as a private investigatior until he died in 1957. Which meant that lspd once again needed a new chief. Strangely, the government agreed that the lspd didnt need a chief,and that`s where the chaos broke out. Everything Kennedy had done for the city was being destroyed. Los Santos turned into a dumping ground for druggies,alcoholics,thieves and general low-life scum including gangs. Things remined like this until 1947.


In 1947 it was finally decided that there would have to be a chief of police for LSPD. The only problem was no-body wanted the job. Eventually the job was given to a budding young police officer named Jack Mcfly. Everybody said that this was pathetic,and talked about how he was going to fail. But he didnt. He had had a very clever plan from the start. He managed to find funding for the LSPD to have a SWAT branch. This solved many problems,except for the gangs.


Amazingly, Jack Mcfly became LSPD`s longest ever serving chief and had been awarded the 2 LSPD rosettes (which he himself had introduced) and the official LSPD medal,given to the bravest of cops (introduced by Wright in 1924) However,in october of 1987, Mcfly tragically had a nervous breakdown when he discovered his best friend with his wife. He commited suicide and the government had no idea who would lead lspd next. And so,after 2 entire months,the government introduced a new act of the LSPD official regulations. It said that in the event a chief disappeared,was killed or anything like that,they would impose the emergency leadership finder. Members of the public would vote in a high ranking LSPD officer to become chief. This method is still used today. Finally,a detective under the name of Ben Connor was chosen. He introduce many new things to the lspd including a new logo, new ranks and got funding for the lspd to have 2 helicopters and improved the SWAT unit.

Connor was getting old and decided to retire. However,before he left he did chose a new police chief. Sherlock Holmes,his right-hand man was to become chief.

In 2010,Sherlock Homes announced he would be retiring and found a replacement before he left,dave thompson,who accepted the position. However,he was killed in the great gang war of mid-2010,so sherlock holmes decided to take up the position until he found a replacement,which he currently hasnt.

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