Commending an officer

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Commending an officer

Post  Sherlock on Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:59 am

On the other hand, you may feel that a member of the Los Santos Police Department has stood out and displayed a level of valor, exemplary conduct or heroism in the line of duty. We welcome any commendations and praises regarding the Department and its members. To place your commendation, you need merely get in contact with the Chief by: phoning ((IG number:123)), writing to at the adress below. ((PMing)),
In recognition of an officers actions, they may receive an award. There are a number of medals and ribbons that members can receive for meritorious service.

Chief Sherlock Homes
Los Santos Police Department
1 East Pershing Square
Los Santos

NOTE: Complaints can be ic or ooc not both in 1 msg!

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