Applying [Beforehand Info]

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Applying [Beforehand Info]

Post  Sherlock on Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:03 am

Applying to become an LSPD officer

► Citizenship: You must be a registered citizen of San Andreas. The minimum age of any applicant is eighteen (18) years.

► Language: You must be able to speak good english.Effective communication is vital in the police department, and you will be unable to perform day-to-day police tasks without good knowledge of the English language.

► Experience: You must be a resident in Los Santos for a minimum of 3 (3) Years. This ensures that you have sufficient knowledge of the geographical locations of Los Santos, as well as the rest of San Andreas. Previous law enforcement experience will also help in your application. You must also have a law & english degree from a respectable college

► Background Check: All applicants will undergo a routine background check. The police department requires that an applicant must have no more than twenty (20) recorded offenses. Any more will result in the denial of said applicant. However,if you have 20+ offences and wish to join,contact a high-command officer and your behaviour will be closely monitored. If you do not commit any crimes within around 2 years ((2 IG weeks)),you may be able to join the department.

► Personal Skills: The police department seeks out applicants who display an unprecedented level of determination, courage and commitment. You will also need an understanding of the chain of command, as you will be expected to carry out orders from superior officers from the outset and even throughout your initial training. You must also have & be able to use a mobile phone,and,of course,be able to drive & have a valid licence.

►Ride-Along:You must have completed a ride-along with a senior officer.

Your next step would be to read all the lspd rules,wanted levels etc. then download the application and send it to the below adress. Alternatively you can fill the form out and email it to the chiefs email adress
((Email it to the above adress))
Administration Department
Los Santos Police Department
1 East Pershing Square
Los Santos
SA 90012-4112

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