Officer Rules (ooc)

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Officer Rules (ooc)

Post  Sherlock on Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:06 am

-You shouldnt break rules when you are a cop.This could lead to job suspension,kick or demotion
-Be a good officer,be polite & uphold the law at all times.
-Police cars & vehciles should be returned after use and should be looked after
- The ELM is allowed to be used. (only by on duty law enforcement,fire,army etc.)
- You should obey officers higher ranked than you during RP or you could get complained about
-RP is essential
- always be on duty when making arrests
-There is a bug with the cop skin it stays on when you go off duty sorry :/
-If you wish to complain about an officer and you are a civillian or an officer,message the leader.
-Always wear the cop skin when on duty (unless you are detective)
-An LSPD Officer is required to carry their gun on them at all times,both on and off duty
-Non-detectives shouldn`t use the two cars in the lspd courtyard;they are for detectives.
-About the skin bug: you can have admin reset it to the skin it was before you dressed in cop skin or some people like to stay on duty forever. Or go to clothes shop.

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