Anti-Crime Unit Rules

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Anti-Crime Unit Rules

Post  Sherlock on Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:07 am

The anti-crime unit ((It`s the rank detective)

There is one very important rule for detectives. One of their 3 cars must be a bought personal car (to use as their detective car) this is a MUST as soon as/if you become a dectective. You must also have the car black. You may modify it to have nos but thats it or it isnt really very rp. And it must also be black. It must be either a Premier,Sentinel,Washington or Sultan. The number plate will be entered into CANP (car number plate system) as a registered Official car. You will however usually have to pay the full price of the car depending on how much cash you have. (will be admin checked.)

-Detectives can use the lspd weapons,undercover skins & duty. Detectives shouldnt really wear uniform that is the whole point.

-Detectives can use the unmarked blue comets in the lspd garage or the 2 in the lspd courtyard or their own registered detective car.


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