Arresting Procedure

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Arresting Procedure

Post  Sherlock on Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:08 am

If you break the law,Officer of the law will attempt to record the crime and officer will proceed to attempt to arrest,ticket/fine or kill you. The LSPD has very specific rules on shooting people.
Officer may:
-Shoot at your car whilst you are in it
-Shoot you if you fail to surrender ((rule:not to kill,to lower their health. A surrender= they do /handsup then you stun & cuff them.))
-Shoot you if you shoot at them or any member of the public and they have to shoot you to protect themselves or the public.

To arrest you,the officer will first stun you to make sure you cannot escape. He will then cuff you to prevent you from using any weapons etc. Then,he/she may take your fingerprints. Finally,the officer will place you in custody in his car.

The officer will then take you to the arrest point in the government courtyard. If you co-operated and gave up,your fine may be reduced or you may not be fined & only jailed depending on how the officer is feeling.

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