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General Handbook

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This handbook includes extra information that only offcers need to know that isnt in the handbook.

Firstly,check the roster to see if you qualify for promotion (you`ll have flashing lights next to your name) then PM the chief with something like: To chief,i qualify for promotion to become a ___. Please could i take the following tests:______
Don`t copy it word for word. REMEMBER to be polite to your senior officer/s.

Police Equipment


Police Cruiser - Use it to partol and chase criminals, transport.
HPV1000[bike] - Use it to patrol and chase criminals.
Enforcer-Used by SWAT for transportation and can be useful in road blocks.
SWAT Tank-Has a useful water nozzle.Handy for crowd dispersal/stunning someone to catch them.
Police Maverick - Use it to chase criminals from air, rescue other people, transport.


Deagle - Use it to arrest criminals via killing them.
Nitestick - Use it to hit people if you need to
MP5- Use on heavliy armed suspects

/m -Use in a car or out. Designed to tell a suspect somthing eg. /m Pullover!
/recordcrime [ID] [Reason]- Used to want someone and to specify the crime
/r - Police radio. Can be seen by other players if they are near you.
/togradio-use when going on/off duty ti disable/enable it
/wanted- Used to see wanted players
/ticket - Used to issue a ticket for minor offences.
/fingerprint- Used just for RP,tells you who the player is. (must be cuffed.Always do this. Standard procedure.)
/Stun - The first thing you must do before arresting. Temporarily immobilises the suspect.
/cuff- Used to cuff so they can`t move at all. Must be stunned.
/detain [ID] [Seat] - Used to place a suspect in the car you were just driving so you can take them and arrest them.
/uncuff - Use if you only cuffed someone to prevent them from running for a reason,to re-inact the RP or if you have caught the wrong person.
To unwant someone or release them early,go to the locker room and type /lspd. You will see some other things there too.
/backup-Request backup. You will be informed if it`s accepted (see below)
/acceptbackup [ID]-Accept an officers backup request if you are available. You will then see them as a red blip on the map. Don`t worry if they move,the red blip goes with them.
/cancelbackup-If you no longer require backup,always do this.

NOTE: NEVER hesitate to call backup if you need it. You may just need help chasing a suspect.You may need a car to detain your suspect in.You may be about to be killed,but always remember to CALL FOR BACKUP!

Pulling over;the standard procedure-
Firstly put your sirens on for the suspect to pull over. Use /m if you can aswell.
Secondly,ask the suspect to exit the vehicle.Exit yours as they do so. Be polite!
Ask them if they have anything they shouldnt have. Then /frisk.
If they have any weapons,stun,cuff them then want them & arrest them. (see arrest procedure,public handbook)
If they have drugs,ticket them.
If they have nothing,then let them go on their way and wish them a nice day.

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