Car Impounding

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Car Impounding

Post  Sherlock on Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:27 am

If someone breaks a traffic offence and fails to comply with the law you may take their car. For you to be able to take thier car they wont have pulled over and co-operated.

Impounding a car-
-You must have the chief or deputy chiefs permission
- You must have good reason to take the car (orders from above,traffic offence,3+ stars)
- To impound someones car follow the following steps

-Ask them where the car/s is/are
- If its locked,take them with you (using detain) then get them to unlock it,then arrest them and then go back and get the car and put it in the impound department.
-Tell them when they can get their car back (see below)

1 star- the next day (no fine)
2 stars- the next day ($500fine) (to fine ticket them then give them the car)
3 stars- 2 days (eg.take on wednesday give back on friday) ($1000 fine)
4 stars- 4 days (take on weds get back on sunday) ($1000 fine)
& 6 stars- 1 week (weds to weds or sat to sat) ($1000 fine)

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