Suspension [Sherlock Holmes]

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Suspension [Sherlock Holmes]

Post  Sherlock on Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:48 am

*Sherlock arrives back in his office
*Sherlock sees an official looking letter with the government seal on it
*Sherlock opens it and reads that the mayor has heard about him pursuing someone hile off duty and trying to kill him. The mayor is very angry and is suspending the chief for misuse of government resources,assault,criminal damage.
The mayor has also wrote that sherlock is very lucky he isnt being fired.
Sherlock then rips the letter,locks his gun & badge in his desk drawer & storms out of the department until sunday.

Name: Sherlock Homes
Rank: Chief
Reason: misuse of government resources,assault,criminal damage.

If a suspension: Yes
Date of return: Sunday 31st October


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