Regarding Pursuits

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Regarding Pursuits

Post  Sherlock on Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:14 pm

Alright,everyone always wants some action so if you see someone speeding what do you do? chase them. If they're in a really fast sports car (bullet,buffalo,infernus etc.) then there really isnt much point chasing them in your lspd cruiser. So you just /recordcrime [ID] [Speeding] and pick them up later. Wont that be much better (and better RP) than chasing them,failing and screwing up your cruiser?

Times you can initiate a pursuit-
-A crime like murder etc. Remember its always good to REQUEST BACKUP! (/backup)
-Suspected of doing a crime
-Failiure to yield (unless theyre in a fast car like stated above.)

Other times you can initiate a pursuit-


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