Full Handbook.

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Full Handbook.

Post  Sherlock on Thu Feb 03, 2011 1:26 pm

This is the full officers handbook. With this you shouldnt be able to go wrong.

Arresting a suspect-
The standard procedure of arresting a wanted player. First /stun and /cuff them. If you have havn't already recorded their crime then do it now. Then be sure to /frisk them and if you find anything /confiscate it. Next /detain them into your vehicle and take them to the arrest point. Arrest them for the time and fine.Simple.

Using your weapon/s
You should always have your gun with you,even when not on duty. An Officer of LSPD is required to carry his firearm at all times.

Killing a Suspect
The time may come when you have to make the hardest decision of your life-you have to kill a suspect. Okay,so you've done that. Next because they are dead (rp wise) you need to go to the lspd locker room and Unwant them.

Traffic stops
When performing a traffic stop you should first pull the vehicle over with your siren. If they fail to pull over,you should use the /m(egaphone) Once (if) they have pulled over, use /r and type (/r MV:Traffic Stop) then proceed to stop them.

Radio Codes
MV:Traffic Stop (Motor Vehicle)
PMV:Damaged (Police Motor Vehicle)

The following codes are not mandatory,but will help wit level of roleplay. It is suggested that you write them down on a piece of paper in front of you when you play.

10-5:MV:Traffic Stop
10-19:returning to station
10-77:going on a break ((Can be used if going afk))
10-97:Arrived at scene

Examples of these codes in use-
"We got a 10-5 on 5th avenue that needs assistance,can anyone respond?"
"10-4,i am 10-51 to 5th avenue."
All other information can be found on the forum.


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