Requesting a reinstatement

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Requesting a reinstatement

Post  Sherlock on Sat Oct 23, 2010 9:43 am

Were you previously a serving officer of the LSPD and wish to rejoin? Whether you were dismissed or left of your own free will, you're entitled to post a reinstatement request.

-If you were dishonourably discharged,wait at least 1 month before posting a reinstatement
- If you were honourably discharged,wait at least 1 week before posting a reinstatement
Topic title: [Reinstatement Request] Rank Name Name

Previous rank:
Discharge type:
Discharged by:
Discharge date:
Reason discharged:
What have you done since your discharge?:
I think the Command and High Command staff of the LSPD should reinstate me because:

((What have you done since your faction uninvite?:))

After you finish your application, simply leave it here for us to review. Command and High Command will discuss it and you will be given an answer by mail within a week, but that time may vary.


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